About Jeremy

I love photographing wildlife and in particular the bold, awe-inspiring game of the African plains.

I never tire of photographing these animals in their natural environment where every new day heralds a new production, new lighting, and a different cast!

I have not always been a professional photographer. I spent 17 years sat behind a desk earning a living and now am a kid in a candy shop doing something I love that takes me to some of the most beautiful places on earth. As many a wise person has commented before me: life is too short not to be doing something you love. Having spent 2 years in East Africa post university there is a certain allure which draws me back (and many others) to this culturally diverse and wildlife rich part of the world. There are still many frontiers that I would love to visit to photograph the local wildlife and that is something I am looking forward to doing over the coming years.

I am based in South-West London for most of the year but the family and I escape to South Africa for at least 3 months of the year from Feb through May to shorten the Northern hemisphere winter and to take advantage of the photographic opportunities which are in abundance.

My chosen tools are:

1 x Canon 1Dx mkii body and 2 x Canon 5dmkiii bodies  |  16-35mm 2.8  |  50mm 1.2  |  135mm 2mm  |  70-200mm 2.8  |  300mm 2.8  |  150-600mm 5.6  |  1.4 converter

I hope you enjoy my work and please feel free to get in contact with any queries regarding prints or assignments.